eBay finds| Makeup mixing palette

I am huge eBay fan! Whenever I need to buy a tool, electronic item, or even beauty accessories, one of the first places I search is eBay. Although one need to be very careful when buying off eBay because of false advertising, counterfeit items as well as piracy, it is a buyers’ paradise if you find the right product for a bargain price. Because I spend so much time and money buying off eBay, I thought I would share some of my purchases  (both good and bad) through this series of posts.

In this first post, let’s talk about the makeup mixing palette I bought.


For NZ$ 5.50ish, I was expecting a flimsy piece of an aluminium-foil-like palette and an equally flimsy mixing tool. But I was pleasantly surprised to get this excellent quality stainless steel palette. Usually, I use the back of the hand (well, most of us do) to mix foundations with other foundations, BB creams, moisturisers or face oil. Sometimes, it helps to warm up the consistency a bit. But most of the times, I forget I have foundation or concealer on my hand and ruin my clothes by wiping the products on them. This palette is useful to avoid that as well as to keep some left over foundation until the end, in case you want to do any touch ups after you are done.

The mixing tool is useful to scrape products off containers that do not come with a pump like foundation bottles, cream/liquid products that come in jars, etc., or to scoop pigments to mix with glue or any other use you can think of.

One side of the tool is a spatula, and the other side has a curved hook to scoop off products such as lipsticks (especially from palettes) and cream concealers.

It also comes with a see-through plastic bag to carry the palette and the tool.

Let me know your eBay finds that I should try, in the comments below.



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