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Welcome to Sithru!

Sithru started in 2017 as a passion project to talk about beauty and skin care. The aim was to discuss all things beauty, that transcends the usual makeup tutorials and makeup looks and share the knowledge I accumulated by research and experiments 🙂

But today, in 2020, I decided to re brand my blog as not just a beauty space but a space to share some exciting life experiences and hacks as well. When I say ‘hacks’ I don’t mean the ones that show you how to tie your hair without a rubber band or eat messy things without spoons; but hacks like, streamlining mundane day to day activities or special tools that we use at our home to automate certain routine tasks.

Please forward your dying questions about beauty, skincare or even life activities via my contact page, and I will try to find the answers for you.

You will also read some interesting guest posts from time to time. Hope you enjoy the journey!

Stay tuned!!!

Disclaimer: I am not a trained cosmetician, a scientist, or a professional makeup artist. My views, knowledge, thoughts and recommendations expressed here are influenced by a lot of research and sometimes trial and error. So please use them at your own risk

Who am I?

Born ‘n raised in Sri Lanka; living in New Zealand; a problem solver; believe in working smarter; a self-taught beauty and life enthusiast.

Skin care and makeup:

I started learning about makeup application and products not so long ago. But I have always loved good skin care.

When I moved to NZ, I had a hard time finding products that work for my skin tone and type. I had to conduct lots of research and experiments to find what works for me. So, here I am, to share my experiences and views with fellow brown-skinned beauty lovers who might have suffered from the same lack of information.

A little skin bio:

  • Face Skin type: Combination leaning towards oily.
  • Skin colour: Medium deep, yellow undertone.
  • Some foundation shades I wear: MAC prolongwear – NC44, Makeup forever HD liquid – Y435 (170), LA girl procoverage liquid – Bronze, EsteĂ© Lauder double wear liquid – 4W2 Toasty toffee.
  • Body skin type: Dry.
  • Hair type: Combination of oily and dry. Natural colour. Untreated.
  • Hair colour: Dark brown (almost black).

At other times!

I have a PhD and hence a good researcher and a problem solver. Therefore, I, along with my partner constantly try to make life easier by finding ways to work smart! such experiences that worked go into Sithru Life posts.

Do write to me via sithrunz@gmail.com. I am keen to hear if any of my experiences, let it be skincare, beauty or life hacks worked for you. Or send me your suggestions, questions and Criticism too.

Hope you enjoy the content here!