Born ‘n raised in Sri Lanka; living in New Zealand; a self-taught makeup and skincare enthusiast.

I started learning about makeup application andPhotoGrid_1482584314018 products a little over three years ago and never looked back. During the journey so far, I found that the resources and information like product recommendations available for my skin tone (bio given below) are very limited, especially in this region. So, here I am, to share my experiences and views with fellow brown-skinned beauty lovers who might have suffered from the same lack of information.

I try to address some concerns relevant to beauty and skin care and recommend products. However, I am not a scientist nor do I have a background in cosmetology. Everything shared here is either based on my personal experience or the research I conducted, and should not be taken for granted.

I am PhD student (hence, good in researching!) and therefore am unemployed. So, unfortunately (or not), the majority products reviewed here will be affordable and inexpensive. I try to splurge on skincare from time to time, though. So you might see reviews about them as well.

I am also open for suggestions for blog posts as well as the general performance of the blog. So do write me via info@sithru.co.nz or use the contact page.

Hope you enjoy the content here!

A little bio:

  • Face Skin type: Combination leaning towards oily.
  • Skin colour: Medium deep, yellow undertone.
  • Some foundation shades I wear: MAC prolongwear – NC44, Makeup forever HD liquid – Y435 (170), LA girl procoverage liquid – Bronze, Esteé Lauder double wear liquid – 4W2 Toasty toffee.
  • Body skin type: Dry.
  • Hair type: Combination of oily and dry. Natural colour. Untreated.
  • Hair colour: Dark brown (almost black).