Beauty Hunts – Episode 1

I just got back from the makeup heaven :D… AKA Mecca Maxima.  There is a Mecca (cosmetica) in almost all the major towns in NZ. But only one Mecca Maxima – in Christchurch. This place needs its own post (probably soon!) but let’s move on to see what I bought.


I had several things shortlisted to purchase from Mecca – The Sunday Riley good genes, Sunday Riley Luna, Urban Decay all nighter foundation or the hourglass vanish foundation stick. But I could afford only one. The Sunday Riley products were on the top of the priority list because my skin needs a lot of attention these days. To my immense luck, I found the Power Couple! – Good Genes and Luna together :).


The full size of each (30ml) is NZ$166. But this duo pack with 15ml each is $124!!! Now isn’t that a bargain?!

I will have to do another post about how these worked out for me in a later date when I have put these two to good use. But If you are die hard fans of this or are looking to try it out like I am, the duo pack is a great purchase. I was told this is available only until stocks last!

So head over to your nearest Mecca or go online to grab this ASAP. Don’t forget to join the beauty loop too 🙂

If you have used either of these, please let me know how it helped (or not) to salvage your skin!

I also got samples from the Urban Decay All nighter foundation to try; Maybe my next purchase if they work out.

See you in my next!



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