ESSENCE| Lash Princess Mascara

Essence Lash Princess mascara is a cult favourite. There are two types of mascara in this line – one is volumising, and the other is lengthening (false lash effect).

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Because everyone raves about this and because it is quite affordable in NZ too, I bought the lengthening one (the green one) to test out if it is worth the hype.

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As you can see, the wand is the usual straight wand- nothing out of ordinary. It has natural bristles and is stiff in a good way. This meant the application was smoother than some other mascaras. The applicator is slightly pointed and is designed to coat every strand of hair evenly. The mascara itself contains fibre to lengthen the lashes with each coat applied. I usually end up having to clean up my lids and lower lash line after applying mascara, but this one did not get on my lids or the lashline.


On the flip side;

  • It did not give me a considerable false lash effect as it claimed, but it did lengthen.
  • It also did not hold the curl.
  • It started to crumble a little bit after some time (not very noticeable but I could feel it).
  • It is also not waterproof.

Even though this did not perform miracles, I still loved it and can understand why beauticians rave about it. It is a great everyday wearable mascara that gives your lashes a nice boost especially on days you don’t feel like wearing a full face of glam.

I am intrigued to try the orange mascara (which is the original Lash Princess as it is claimed) and will let you know how I feel about it once I did.

This cost me NZ$ 6.75 at Farmers NZ (pretty affordable, eh!). Essence cosmetics are available across many Farmers branches throughout the island (way more branches carry it now than what is listed on their web site).

In the US, you can purchase this from Ulta or from Target.

Let me know how you liked this mascara if you tried it. Let me also know about the volumising one and if I should try it 🙂

See you in my next!



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