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How to | Applying foundation

Are you doing your foundation right?

Foundation is part of the base of makeup. Some choose to use it, some don’t – which is okay too. The main aim of this post is to talk about some trends that I’ve seen ‘beauty gurus’ use on YT when applying foundation/CC/BB creams/putty/stick/, etc. [not necessarily about powder foundation though], This not about whether which method is right, but rather about how you should approach the different aspects of applying foundation.

Before beginning, I want you to focus a little bit on the title – it says ‘your foundation’; not mine, not ours but yours. so regardless of what I have written here, if you have a routine that works, please do continue to use it.

let’s begin from the beginning.

  1. Prime or Not? – Preparing your skin for makeup application is of utmost importance. The first step should always be a moisturiser or hydrating lotion suitable for your skin type. It helps a smooth application as well as keep your skin looking good and healthy all day. Using a primer, in my opinion, is optional and should be a decision based on the type of foundation you use. In my experience, I use an oil based primer when wearing matte foundations especially focused on the dry patches on my skin. I use a mattifying primer on oily areas if I am wearing a dewy or satiny foundation. Sometimes I don’t wear a primer at all, especially with stick foundations [not an informed decision, but one based on experience]. – in summary: Moisturiser is a must but primer is optional. [Suncare can be added to this step]
  2. Straight to face or on to hand? – I’ve seen many people dispense foundation straight from the container on to the face. I think this is shouldn’t be a practice to follow for two reasons. One, you cannot control the amount of product you put on. I think warming the product on your hand [outer palm as many uses] is a good way to go or use a small makeup tray [glass, stainless steel] to dispense and mix oils, primers or other foundations if required before applying it to face. Two, you run the risk of drying the product on the face before being able to blend it properly. The best way, in my opinion, is to apply the foundation in thin layers and build the layers for coverage as necessary. This way, you can even minimise the wastage of product. – In summary, definitely not straight on to face ūüôā
  3. Brush or sponge [or hand]? – Now, this is purely a preference-based decision as per popular convention. BUT, I would say, it should also be an informed decision. different foundation types prefer different application media to deliver a good base. for example, water-based foundations [e.g. Makeup forever water blend] demand hand or a brush application. if applied with a sponge, it will soak in most of the product before you can apply it onto the face. Other types, usually can be applied with a brush, sponge or hands. however, I recommend test application with all tools and see which gives you the best coverage. if you are an influencer, I humbly request you to demonstrate the application of foundations with different tools if reviewing. – In summary, it depends!
  4. Where to begin application? – If I remember correctly, Wayne Goss has a tutorial applying foundation. The foundation should be focused on the middle of the face and should be blended outwards. go section by section taking time to buff and blend the foundation into the skin as you go. Depending on the foundation, it may be too late to blend after applying the foundation to the entire face because sometimes they tend to dry and set fast. – In summary, start from the middle and blend out.

Those are my tips thoughts and tips on applying foundation. but as I said, if your routine is different from the above and works for you, please continue to use it.

Hope these were helpful. Please let me know below how you apply your foundation, or if you apply foundation at all, and why.


THE ORDINARY| Foundations review

I just had the opportunity to finally get my hands on The Ordinary Foundations РThe coverage foundation and the serum foundation.


I know one of them was around for a while and the other is quite new. However, they both go out of stock pretty fast and therefore, I know many of you have not had the chance of trying them out.

I bought mine via Beautylish. It’s US$ 6.90 (~ NZ$ 10.35). When you buy via Beautylish, all orders over US$35 are shipped free and takes only about 10-14 days to arrive. *Not Sponsored!


Both the foundations come with a pump and carry 30ml. They both should have a semi-matte finish. Both are oil-free, cruelty-free (as is the product line) and has a light-weight formula.

IMG_20171205_125747.jpgThe foundations come in 21 shades. So you, quite easily, can find a close match for your skin shade (No foundation will be able to carry shades that match all the skin colours in the world). Here Wayne Goss has a list that matches The Ordinary shade based on your MAC foundation shade. I bought 3.0Y in both foundations (which is the shade match for MAC NC44).

In the picture to the right, the top swatch represents the coverage foundation and the lower, the Serum foundation.

The Serum foundation

The serum foundation has a watery consistency and has a light coverage buildable to a medium. I used The Ordinary high spreadability fluid primer underneath and used a brush on one half of the face and the LA Girl beauty sponge on the other half to apply the foundation. The application was indifferent on both sides.

The foundation does have a semi-matte finish as it claims. it went on smooth.  I did not notice any of it clinging to the smile-lines after the first application. The foundation is tacky to the touch so it needs to be set with a light powder. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture soon after the application.

The picture below is after about 3 hours of wear. 

IMG_20171205_173117.jpgAt this point, the foundation starts to break apart. It got cakey around my mouth and settled into the smile-lines despite what it claims.  I always get oily no matter what foundation I wear, so the oiliness you see is not specifically because of this foundation.  The foundation gave me a white cast which was visible to the naked eye.

So naturally, my first impression was a BIG NO!



I decided to try it once more, with a colour corrector underneath and skipped the primer this time. Oh My God! … the result was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. The white cast¬†disappeared¬†with the colour corrector and skipping the primer.


The picture to the right is an untouched (no filters, not edited) photo taken from my phone. The foundation looked absolutely amazing. It lasted quite long this time Рabout 6 hours,  without breaking apart (on a 33 degrees Celcius day too).

Final verdict: The foundation is definitely not long wearing but can be extended with a good setting spray (I recommend the UD all nighter).  The foundation gave a smooth finish and looks gorgeous in the pictures. but I did notice tiny bumps on my face after wearing this for a prolonged time. So, if you have sensitive skin, be aware!

I would give this an 8/10.

Coverage Foundation 

The coverage foundation has a creamy consistency and gives a medium coverage buildable to a full. Like the serum, this too has a semi-matte finish. the picture below is taken soon after it was applied before setting it with powder. I used the same technique of applying the foundation with a brush and the beauty sponge with the same primer underneath. No colour corrector.

Picture 1

It applies light at the beginning but gets darker. However, the final shade is the shade you are buying (at least in my case).

Even though the foundation was full coverage it was not ‘full’ enough to cover the dark spots around my mouth and cheeks. It looks cakey in some places.

This too gave me the same white-casty look that did not look good in real life.



Picture 2 and 3 were taken at the 3-hour mark.

It shows how the foundation has started to break around my mouth just like the serum foundation did in my first attempt.

Unfortunately, I could not try this with the colour corrector yet. But I assume it would perform the same way as the serum foundation did since the result at the end of the first attempt at wearing them were pretty much the same except the coverage.

Final verdict:¬†For the price point, I think this foundation did an okay job. I’m sure colour correcting before the application would rectify the white-cast problem too. However, the setting spray did not extend its wearability.

overall, I’d give this a 7/10.

Even though I would not say these are two of the best foundations in the market, they are pretty good for $10. I recommend the serum foundation a little bit more than the other only because I like its coverage and the amazing natural finish.

Let me know if you have tried these and what you think of them.

Until the next,



MORPHE|Jaclyn Hill Palette


I am so stoked to finally get my hands on the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collaboration. this palette a few weeks ago. It was a little hard to get hold of it on the Morphe website because, you know, they sell out really quick. The first release was gone within hours (I actually woke up at 3 am NZT to buy this but when I finally made it to the payment page, it was sold out). So when it went live again, I just gave up and thought well, I don’t want to wake up at 3am again just to be disappointed, so I don’t want it. But Once I woke up around 10 am, the inner makeup junkie in me said ‘why not see if it is still there’ and it WAS!!! So I finally bought it.

On the Morphe website (not sold anywhere else yet), the price was¬†USD38 (‚ČąNZD 56) and shipping was another USD30 (‚ČąNZD 45) (I KNOW!!!).



The palette has a mix of vibrant colours, neutrals as well as dark shades. It is also a mix of mattes, shimmers and duochromes. Since I suck at swatches, I am using the amazing swatches from ANALESE REDMAN of @annybeeutee. 

First and second rows (Image by ANALESE REDMAN @annybeeutee)

third and fourth rows (Image by ANALESE REDMAN @annybeeutee)

Fifth row (Image by ANALESE REDMAN @annybeeutee)

Shade names

Image from Morphe brushes


 What do I think

If you are familiar Morphe eyeshadows, they are pigmented and feels creamy. In my personal opinion, this palette is a tad bit better than the other Morphe palettes formula-wise. These shades feel like butter, hence so soft to touch. They go on really well (I did not have to use any fixed+ to apply these) and blends even better. The matte shades do not swatch as nicely as the shimmers but then again, not many matte formulas do. But they apply on the eye perfectly and performs the same way as the shimmers. According to Jaclyn, using a natural fibre brush gives you the best application. I used natural fibre for mattes and synthetic fibre for shimmers.


My eyelids get pretty oily throughout the day. So the chances of any eyeshadow surviving beyond 2-3 hours are pretty unlikely always and I do not use any special primer on my eyelids apart from applying a little concealer to neutralise the pigmentation.

But to my utmost surprise, these shadows lasted for about five hours on my eyes. The picture above was taken after the five to six hours wear time (I have used a filter just to smoothen my skin out otherwise the picture is unedited). As you can see the eyelids are shiny but the shadows still peak through and visible (I promise to be more organised next time and click a pic as soon I apply makeup too).

If you have normal eyelids or use an eyeshadow base or an eye primer on the eyelids, these would last even longer. So, I am IMPRESSED! I always try to keep my reviews balanced, but this palette has nothing wrong to say apart from the white casing which gets dirty really quick.

Some of my favourite shades


This palette is currently out of stock but is scheduled to return both via Morphe site (P.S. Note:¬†19th September 8am PST ‚Čą¬†20th September at 3am NZ time) as well as retailers (as far as I know and we’ll know which ones later). So if you can afford it, do grab it. It is a wonderful collection of shades for every occasion, time and place. You can find enough coupon codes on youtube, to get some money off your purchase if buying via Morphe site.

If you are a beginner, this may be the only palette you need in your collection at the beginning. For hoarders like me, well, you know you need this.

Let me know what you think of this palette if you have it already.

Until my next,



Disclaimer: This article has no affiliate links in it. This post is not sponsored.  

WET ‘N WILD| Treasures from the drug store

The day I heard that Wet ‘ n Wild (WNW) is coming to Farmers, New Zealand (it was available before via online retailers like La Femme Beauty, but Farmers has a full display and affordable prices), I had to check them out at my nearest Farmers store.

For the makeup lovers, WNW needs no introduction. It is one of the most affordable beauty brands in the world, yet has not compromised in quality products.


While I apologise for not taking pictures before I use them (For some reason I am very impatient with new makeup :D; have to dig in as soon as possible), I actually found some treasures in the WNW line and one dud so far. I bought these from Farmers, Love My Makeup as well as from

Eye shadow palettes

These eye shadow palettes are at the top of my favourites. They feel buttery and go on like a dream. The shadows are so pigmented that you need to use a really light hand to apply them. The colour selection is amazing too. I know that I have chosen quite similar colours, but the Bare and Beautiful palette is a collection of mattes and shimmers while the Comfort Zone is a collection of shimmers. The packaging is quite flimsy and fragile, but I am not really concerned about. They are lightweight and great to travel with because of the size. These two palettes have everything you need to transform yourself from a daytime look to a wearable smokey or a shimmery night-out look. I will post some swatches in the Instagram, so keep an eye on it.

WNW Photofocus Foundation and Concealer

IMG_20170827_151235Hands down one of the best foundations ever! It stands true to what it claims – a truly photo-ready look.

It sinks right into the skin to give you that airbrushed look which looks amazing in photos.

Unfortunately, it does not last very long. The maximum wear time I had with this foundation is around the 4-hour mark. After that, it just starts to break apart and look really oily and shiny (Having an oily T-zone does not help!). I could extend it a little bit with the Urban Decay All nighter spray, but the maximum is about 5 hours.

Powdering and touch ups do not really help after the foundation starts to get oily and breakup. But I have to say, I’ve worn this for 8-9 hours some days (just because I was working), and even though it starts to break after 5 hours, you don’t look entirely unpresentable at 8 hours.

The concealer is pretty much similar in performance. The consistency in on the thicker side and it dries down quite fast. I recommend working in sections and blending out before moving to the next application to get the maximum out of this product (e.g. one eye at a time, or one spot at a time).



I bought three Megalast lipsticks and one Mega Lip colour SPF15.

The Mega-last range is matte and is truly long lasting. They are pigmented too. About 3 minutes after the initial application you won’t even feel it on your lips. I’ve worn it on my lips for about 8 hours without touching up, and it stayed on quite well. Some fading was visible towards the inside the lips, but in their defence, I had some oily noodle stir fry just before.

The Mega lip colour has SPF 15 for sun-protection and goes on sheer. So, the colour payoff is not as rich as the Megalast line, but very comfortable and moisturising on the lips. Even though they do not last long, reapplying does not cake up the lipstick.

Again, keep an eye on my Instagram for swatches ūüôā

Megaliner eyeliner РFail! 

The megaliner liquid eyeliner claims to dry fast, stay-put, long-lasting, smudge-proof.


I will agree with ‘dry-fast’ but none of the rest! It is not long-lasting at all and smudged quite easily than some of my other non-waterproof liners.

On the plus side though, it does come with an easy-to-use brush applicator. This is a wonderful applicator for the eyeliner-amateurs like me to get a nice and controlled wing.

The formula is thick and highly pigmented too.

I loved applying it, but it was streaking down my face (embarrassing!!!) in the first instance my eye started watering. I don’t understand how my upper lid liner gets washed off with tears – never happened before with any liner.

The brow mascara was nothing phenomenal. It was an okay product. I always prefer a clear gel to set my brows, so this was a nice option.

That is the round up of my thoughts on the WNW products I tried so far. If I am to pick my top 3 from the brand, I would highly recommend the Photofocus foundation, Eye shadow palettes and the Megalast lipsticks.

Let me know if you tried any of these and what you thought about them…




Mini Haul | Treasures from the drugstore

I always hunt for affordable but good quality makeup. Last week, I grabbed a few items from Postie+ and The Warehouse. I haven’t had the chance to wear all of these long enough to test their longevity, but I definitely swatched¬†them and wore them a bit. Below is what I think…


LA Colors eyeshadow palettes These were just $5 each at The Warehouse.


Boy oh boy! I was blown away when I swatched them… I did not think they would be bad but was not expecting them to be this pigmented either.

The shadows have quite a bit of kickback as well as fallout. Therefore, I recommend doing your eye makeup first, unless you have those special stick-on fallout-catchers.

Loreal Lipsticks were $7.50 each when buying two.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take closeups of the Kleancolor madly matte lip glosses (weird combination – matte gloss?!), but you can see them in the picture on the very top. They retailed for $5 each.

The swatches are in the picture below. The numbered swatches 1603 and 1604 represent the lip glosses. They did not have any other names on them.


The Loreal lipsticks were very creamy and moisturising. Frieda’s Nude worn alone is not flattering on me. But I might layer it with one of the lip glosses next time.

The Kleancolor lip glosses are pigmented as you can see. They can be worn alone and still has an incredible colour payoff. They dry down to a matte (duh!). I recommend applying a little lip balm underneath if you plan to wear them alone. Otherwise, the lips can feel like dried prunes after some time :D.

Let me know if there are any more products from these brands that I need to try. If you have tried these, let me know how you feel about them too.

Until my next…



Should you care, what you wear on your skin during pregnancy?



One of my pregnant friends asked me, what she should avoid during pregnancy in term of skincare and makeup. So I did a little digging. Here is a summary of everything I read.

I will provide links if anyone needs to read further about any of the compounds given below.

High risk (Scientifically proven to affect):

  • Retinoids/Accutane – A commonly used substance in acne treatments and anti-aging products. Scientifically proven to cause birth defects.¬†A list of different forms of retinoids to avoid is given here.
  • Formaldehyde,¬†Toluene – Known carcinogens. Commonly found in nail polish, especially in Gel manicures. Opt for nail polishes that are free of formaldehyde, Toluene (not just pregnant women but everyone should consider avoiding these).
  • Aluminium – Found in antiperspirant deodorants. FDA recognise this as a chemical to be avoided by expectant mothers. Instead, opt for natural deodorants¬†or aluminium free ones like¬†Ethique¬†solid blocks.
  • Botox – This is something that has not been tested on humans, but because of how Botox works, it is recommended to avoid during pregnancy. The chemical in Botox – Botulinum toxin- apparently¬†paralyses the muscles around wrinkles so that they become less visible. It is the most acutely lethal toxin known (OMG!) which can spread around when injected to one place. Sounds scary to have around when a person is growing inside you.

Medium to low risk (Little or no conclusive evidence for adverse effects but good to avoid):

  • Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid – Used to treat acne. Found in skin care products likes facewash and also in some acne-treating makeup. Using these in moderation with doctors advice is okay. Using facewash with these compounds is comparatively safer than wearing makeup that includes these as ingredients. However, it is recommended to avoid both as much as possible.
  • Phthalates – This is found in Haircare (shampoo), skincare (handwash), nail polish and even hair spray. Effect of Phthalates are not tested on humans, but animals show adverse birth effects. Therefore it is recommended to avoid. Check for products that clearly state Phthalate free.
  • Ammonia – Found in hair dye. Not tested to check the effects but it is recommended to avoid hair colouring if possible due to minor absorption of chemicals via the scalp. However, if the colour¬†does not go near the scalp (e.g. highlights to hair ends), it is okay use in moderation. Always ensure proper ventilation during application to avoid inhaling any chemicals. (Personal advice: Please stay clear of hair dyes until your baby is born)
  • Lead – This is found in lipsticks. However, there are no clinical trials to prove that lead in lipstick causes adverse effects. But because cases of lead poisoning have been reported, it is good to stay away from makeup items that have¬†the ingredient in them.
  • Hydroxy acids (AHA, BHA) – Found in a number of cleansers, toners and exfoliants. Salicylic acid is a commonly used BHA (look for risk factors in salicylic acid above). Glycolic acid and lactic acid are common AHAs. Due to lack of conclusive evidence, these AHAs used in small amounts may be okay. But professionals advice to minimise the use as much as possible and obtain doctor’s recommendation before using.
  • Essential oils – Knowledge around how essential oils affect humans, in general, is limited. A common opinion by medical professionals is that due to the concentration levels, essential oils can be harmful even for non-pregnant people. Two essentials oils to stay clear from, that has known adverse effects during pregnancy, are tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

General Comments: 

  • Always opt for products, both skin care and makeup, that are labelled ‘3-free‘ (Phthalate, Formaldehyde and Toluene) or ‘5-free‘ (3-free + formaldehyde resin, and camphor).
  • Use Mineral makeup if possible – mineral makeup sits on the skin and do not get absorbed.
  • Makeup that is ‘noncomedogenic’ or ‘nonacnegenic’, which do not clog pores, are comparatively safer to use.
  • Avoid hair removal creams – Wax or shave instead.
  • Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun in addition to wearing sunglasses and hats. Always use physical sunscreen with Titanium Dioxide or Zinc oxide – These too sit on the skin and provide lasting protection.
  • Finally, ALWAYS ask your OB/GYN or the medical officer, before taking any antibiotic, pharmaceutical-grade skin care or any drug for that matter.

Want to read more? Go to WebMD, Baby Center, Mother Nature Network, Vogue 

See you in my next!




ESSENCE| Lash Princess Mascara

Essence Lash Princess mascara is a cult favourite. There are two types of mascara in this line – one is volumising, and the other is lengthening (false lash effect).

Photo: from

Because everyone raves about this and because it is quite affordable in NZ too, I bought the lengthening one (the green one) to test out if it is worth the hype.

Photo credit:

As you can see, the wand is the usual straight wand- nothing out of ordinary. It has natural bristles and is stiff in a good way. This meant the application was smoother than some other mascaras. The applicator is slightly pointed and is designed to coat every strand of hair evenly. The mascara itself contains fibre to lengthen the lashes with each coat applied. I usually end up having to clean up my lids and lower lash line after applying mascara, but this one did not get on my lids or the lashline.


On the flip side;

  • It did not give me a considerable false lash effect as it claimed, but it did lengthen.
  • It also did not hold the¬†curl.
  • It started to crumble a little bit after some time (not very noticeable but I could feel it).
  • It is also not waterproof.

Even though this did not perform miracles, I still loved it and can understand why beauticians rave about it. It is a great everyday wearable mascara that gives your lashes a nice boost especially on days you don’t feel like wearing a full face of glam.

I am intrigued to try the orange mascara (which is the original Lash Princess as it is claimed) and will let you know how I feel about it once I did.

This cost me NZ$ 6.75 at Farmers NZ (pretty affordable, eh!). Essence cosmetics are available across many Farmers branches throughout the island (way more branches carry it now than what is listed on their web site).

In the US, you can purchase this from Ulta or from Target.

Let me know how you liked this mascara if you tried it. Let me also know about the volumising one and if I should try it ūüôā

See you in my next!



Beauty Hunts – Episode 1

I just got back from the makeup heaven :D… AKA Mecca Maxima. ¬†There is a Mecca (cosmetica) in almost all the major towns in NZ. But only one Mecca Maxima – in Christchurch. This place needs its own post (probably soon!) but let’s move on to see what I bought.


I had several things shortlisted to purchase from Mecca – The Sunday Riley good genes, Sunday Riley Luna, Urban Decay all nighter foundation or the hourglass vanish foundation stick. But I could afford only one. The Sunday Riley products were on the top of the priority list because my skin needs a lot of attention these days. To my immense luck, I found the Power Couple! – Good Genes and Luna together :).


The full size of each (30ml) is NZ$166. But this duo pack with 15ml each is $124!!! Now isn’t that a bargain?!

I will have to do another post about how these worked out for me in a later date when I have put these two to good use. But If you are die hard fans of this or are looking to try it out like I am, the duo pack is a great purchase. I was told this is available only until stocks last!

So head over to your nearest Mecca or go online to grab this ASAP. Don’t forget to join the beauty loop too ūüôā

If you have used either of these, please let me know how it helped (or not) to salvage your skin!

I also got samples from the Urban Decay All nighter foundation to try; Maybe my next purchase if they work out.

See you in my next!



Coty | Airspun Loose Powder

I first heard of Coty Airspun loose powder from Tati. Since she raved about it so much, I had to try it. Unfortunately, then NZ did not have this powder to purchase in-store or online. So I searched eBay and found one for about NZ $15 with free shipping.


The powder is finely milled, soft and ‘cloudlike’. Because it is so fine and soft, Coty Airspun powder is said to be able to¬†hide the tiny lines, wrinkles, and blemishes you may have to give a flawless finish.¬†It is claimed to be designed with tints that are spread throughout and to lay flat and evenly on the skin. This loose powder also can be used as a foundation, to bake, or to set your makeup in place.


It seems like magic isn’t it? Well… not entirely untrue. There are at least eight shades available in this powder range. I use the translucent¬†extra coverage. So, technically, I should not expect any coverage because it is translucent; but it does have a little bit of coverage. Not too much to give you cake-face, though.


However, the powder is really soft and finely milled. It does not leave a white cast that is prominent (on my skin it shows a little bit because of my skin colour), but there is a little bit of flashback, so be cautious if you have to do flash photography.


I used Coty Airspun powder to set my under-eyes.  (Pls ignore the frizzy hair :D)

In the picture, I used natural lighting to take the picture. So, you don’t see the flashback. (Note: This was shot using a phone camera and is edited to reduce image noise and adjust lighting).

But as you can see, it gives the skin a natural looking finish; Most importantly, you cannot see my under-eye lines either. You don’t see a lot of brightness under-eyes only because I am not a fan of that technique. For me, this powder is ideal in that sense because it gives a smooth and natural finish without lightening the skin unnecessarily even if I¬†bake.

In other words, it enhances the look of your base – if you used a brightening concealer, the look at the end will be brighter, smoother and flawless.

I give this powder a 4.5/5. 

Where to buy this: (Please check if the shades you are after are available before purchasing).

NZ & AU;

In US;


If you know more places to buy this from, please comment below. Also let me know if you tried the powder, whether you liked it or not and why.

See you in my next!






W7 | Eye dream shadow creams

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Image from:
Full range, from top to bottom: New Sensation, Heavy Metal, Rose Garden, Copper Pot & Gilded Cage.

When I first swatched these in store at Postie+, I knew I had to try them. So I bought three of the 5 shades of W7 Eye dream shadow creams. I am not sure if these are new to the W7 line, but they are definitely new in Postie+.

Shades I bought

Out of the five shades that were available, I thought these were the most wearable for me. Now that I wore them on my eye, I think Gilded Cage would have been a better choice than Rose Garden for my skin tone.

Swatches – One swipe of each

W7 claims these shadow creams to be long wearing & crease proof. Now that I wore one (Rose garden) on my eyelid for more than 5 hours (Usually that is how long any shadow would last on my oily lids), I can safely say they ARE long wearing and crease proof. I will update you if things change with different conditions or with other colours.

The shadows creams are very pigmented. The swatches are just one swipe of the shadow. My favourite out of the three is obviously Copper pot (1).

Copper pot blended out with a finger

The picture above shows how Copper Pot look when blended out with a finger.

Because these shadows are creamy and pigmented, applying with the doe foot applicator transfers too much of product. Moreover, they tend to be slightly patchy. Using a brush delivered a patchy and streaky application as well. So, I just dotted the lid and blended the shadow with a finger to evenly spread the colour across (A little bit of work! but for me personally, it was worth it). A brush can be used to blend out the edges as we do with any other eye shadow. These can be layered as much as needed for an enhanced look.

Doe foot applicator

These shadows dry down fast and therefore need to be¬†applied and blended very quickly. Once dried, they don’t budge – no joke!

Eye dream shadow creams are NZ$ 8 a piece at Postie+. Do check this out if you are on a hunt for a shimmery, sparkly eye shadow that stays on your eyes and does not crease. There are testers provided so that you can try the product before committing to it.

In US,¬†buy online¬†for US$6.45 a piece and in UK it’s ¬£4.95 on the website. Please comment below if you know which stores carry W7 brand in US,¬†UK or anywhere else in the world :).

Also, please comment below and let me know how you liked it if you tried the eye shadow creams.

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