Coty | Airspun Loose Powder

I first heard of Coty Airspun loose powder from Tati. Since she raved about it so much, I had to try it. Unfortunately, then NZ did not have this powder to purchase in-store or online. So I searched eBay and found one for about NZ $15 with free shipping.


The powder is finely milled, soft and ‘cloudlike’. Because it is so fine and soft, Coty Airspun powder is said to be able to hide the tiny lines, wrinkles, and blemishes you may have to give a flawless finish. It is claimed to be designed with tints that are spread throughout and to lay flat and evenly on the skin. This loose powder also can be used as a foundation, to bake, or to set your makeup in place.


It seems like magic isn’t it? Well… not entirely untrue. There are at least eight shades available in this powder range. I use the translucent extra coverage. So, technically, I should not expect any coverage because it is translucent; but it does have a little bit of coverage. Not too much to give you cake-face, though.


However, the powder is really soft and finely milled. It does not leave a white cast that is prominent (on my skin it shows a little bit because of my skin colour), but there is a little bit of flashback, so be cautious if you have to do flash photography.


I used Coty Airspun powder to set my under-eyes.  (Pls ignore the frizzy hair :D)

In the picture, I used natural lighting to take the picture. So, you don’t see the flashback. (Note: This was shot using a phone camera and is edited to reduce image noise and adjust lighting).

But as you can see, it gives the skin a natural looking finish; Most importantly, you cannot see my under-eye lines either. You don’t see a lot of brightness under-eyes only because I am not a fan of that technique. For me, this powder is ideal in that sense because it gives a smooth and natural finish without lightening the skin unnecessarily even if I bake.

In other words, it enhances the look of your base – if you used a brightening concealer, the look at the end will be brighter, smoother and flawless.

I give this powder a 4.5/5. 

Where to buy this: (Please check if the shades you are after are available before purchasing).

NZ & AU;

In US;


If you know more places to buy this from, please comment below. Also let me know if you tried the powder, whether you liked it or not and why.

See you in my next!






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