Mini Haul | Treasures from the drugstore

I always hunt for affordable but good quality makeup. Last week, I grabbed a few items from Postie+ and The Warehouse. I haven’t had the chance to wear all of these long enough to test their longevity, but I definitely swatched them and wore them a bit. Below is what I think…


LA Colors eyeshadow palettes These were just $5 each at The Warehouse.


Boy oh boy! I was blown away when I swatched them… I did not think they would be bad but was not expecting them to be this pigmented either.

The shadows have quite a bit of kickback as well as fallout. Therefore, I recommend doing your eye makeup first, unless you have those special stick-on fallout-catchers.

Loreal Lipsticks were $7.50 each when buying two.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take closeups of the Kleancolor madly matte lip glosses (weird combination – matte gloss?!), but you can see them in the picture on the very top. They retailed for $5 each.

The swatches are in the picture below. The numbered swatches 1603 and 1604 represent the lip glosses. They did not have any other names on them.


The Loreal lipsticks were very creamy and moisturising. Frieda’s Nude worn alone is not flattering on me. But I might layer it with one of the lip glosses next time.

The Kleancolor lip glosses are pigmented as you can see. They can be worn alone and still has an incredible colour payoff. They dry down to a matte (duh!). I recommend applying a little lip balm underneath if you plan to wear them alone. Otherwise, the lips can feel like dried prunes after some time :D.

Let me know if there are any more products from these brands that I need to try. If you have tried these, let me know how you feel about them too.

Until my next…



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