Are you buying a house? Then you need to know these!

With the record lowest mortgage rates in the country, the property market is soaring since recently. We too decided to take advantage of this and buy our first home in New Zealand. Our journey to finding our future home was not of course smooth sailing but we used certain tactics on the way to minimise the stress. Since our process helped us immensely throughout the journey, we* decided to share our experience as a series under Sithru Life.

In part one of this series that follows (stay tuned!), I will share some general tips that might of use before you start the entire process. You could expect to hear some information about mortgage advisers, buyer’s agents, a cool tool we used to assess the house we viewed, and many more in the coming series. so stay tuned!

The aim is to post two to three tips a week. However, please hit ‘follow’ on the top right hand sidebar to get notified when a new post goes up!

Disclaimer: This series is only intended as a way to share our experience. This should not be taken as legal advice. Please visit (or an equivalent source in your country) for legal information about the house purchasing process. 

(*I say ‘we’ because my partner is a silent collaborator in this series)

Read the entire series here:

Are you buying your first home? |Part 1

Are you buying your first home? | Part 2

Are you buying your first home? | Part 3

Are you buying the right property for you?

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