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Image from: http://www.cosmeticosprimavera.com/W7-EYE-DREAM-EYESHADOW-CREAM/en
Full range, from top to bottom: New Sensation, Heavy Metal, Rose Garden, Copper Pot & Gilded Cage.

When I first swatched these in store at Postie+, I knew I had to try them. So I bought three of the 5 shades of W7 Eye dream shadow creams. I am not sure if these are new to the W7 line, but they are definitely new in Postie+.

Shades I bought

Out of the five shades that were available, I thought these were the most wearable for me. Now that I wore them on my eye, I think Gilded Cage would have been a better choice than Rose Garden for my skin tone.

Swatches – One swipe of each

W7 claims these shadow creams to be long wearing & crease proof. Now that I wore one (Rose garden) on my eyelid for more than 5 hours (Usually that is how long any shadow would last on my oily lids), I can safely say they ARE long wearing and crease proof. I will update you if things change with different conditions or with other colours.

The shadows creams are very pigmented. The swatches are just one swipe of the shadow. My favourite out of the three is obviously Copper pot (1).

Copper pot blended out with a finger

The picture above shows how Copper Pot look when blended out with a finger.

Because these shadows are creamy and pigmented, applying with the doe foot applicator transfers too much of product. Moreover, they tend to be slightly patchy. Using a brush delivered a patchy and streaky application as well. So, I just dotted the lid and blended the shadow with a finger to evenly spread the colour across (A little bit of work! but for me personally, it was worth it). A brush can be used to blend out the edges as we do with any other eye shadow. These can be layered as much as needed for an enhanced look.

Doe foot applicator

These shadows dry down fast and therefore need to be applied and blended very quickly. Once dried, they don’t budge – no joke!

Eye dream shadow creams are NZ$ 8 a piece at Postie+. Do check this out if you are on a hunt for a shimmery, sparkly eye shadow that stays on your eyes and does not crease. There are testers provided so that you can try the product before committing to it.

In US, buy online for US$6.45 a piece and in UK it’s £4.95 on the website. Please comment below if you know which stores carry W7 brand in US, UK or anywhere else in the world :).

Also, please comment below and let me know how you liked it if you tried the eye shadow creams.

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