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PANTENE | Dry shampoo – a mini review


If you follow me on Instagram (@sithrunz)  you may have seen this gem of a product I found at The Warehouse (I see that countdowns in some areas stock this too but not in my local one). The first impressions were given in the Insta post. To recap, it had no white residue, no harsh smells and did what a dry shampoo is supposed to do – make your hair oil-free and ‘feel-clean’ until you wash it. Now that I used it a several times, I decided to write a mini review here so that I can let you know what I really feel.

But before that let me tell you a little bit about the product. The active ingredient in Pantene pro-v nature fusion dry shampoo is tapioca starch which is an excellent DIY substitute for dry shampoo anyway. It appears fourth in the ingredients list after isobutane, alcohol denat., and propane. Kinda scary first few ingredients but they are essential to distribute the products into hair evenly – hence called propellants. Every dry shampoo has these for the same purpose. Having alcohol means it will dry out the scalp, but that is to be expected from any dry shampoo.

I used the dry shampoo on my third-day hair. I have naturally oily hair (Read this to learn how to find your hair type), which gets really oily by the third day. I usually use a dry shampoo on the third day if I need to extend the no-wash period :D. The instruction says the usual – Shake the can, spray on to the roots and rub well. Brush the hair to finish off.

My review

I used this on the third day as usual. I am pleased to report that I did not have to wash my hair until the fifth day after the first application. Oil on my scalp was pretty well absorbed by the shampoo without leaving it dry (surprisingly!). My scalp did not get flaky either. I also liked the fresh clean-feel it gave my hair, which I have not experienced with my other dry shampoos.

It was just NZD $3. SO what’s not to like?!

So overall, I give this 10/10.

This dry shampoo comes in volume boost form as well. Let me know if you have tried this or have any recommendations for other dry shampoos.

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GARNIER | Oily Roots Dry Ends

I went on a mad hunt last weekend to find the best shampoo for my oily hair with dry ends (combination hair). Believe it or not, there are not many shampoos in the supermarkets in NZ – Pak n’ Save, Countdown, New world or even in Farmers (I did not try the high-end shops like shampoo n’ things) – for oily hair, let alone finding the best!

When I say not many options, I meant, not many brands label their products explicitly for oily hair. But interestingly, every brand had shampoo for dry, dull, damaged hair 😒 clearly indicated. Anyway, I found one product that had the exact label I was looking for. So I went for it!


First impression

Since I have used the Garnier Fructis Oily Roots Dry Ends shampoo only once, I can only give you a first impression at this moment. But as you can imagine, there were significant observations that prompted me to write this post.

First, during the shower, I noticed a significant lessening of hair loss. When I say significant, I meant SIGNIFICANT! Usually, I lose a lot of hair when washing it (I feel like, my hair spends more time in drains and on carpets than it spent on my scalp). This shampoo reduced the hair loss in the first wash.

Secondly, I felt ‘squeaky clean’ (in a good way) after the shower. My hair was not dry, it was soft and slightly silky with a little bit of volume.

Thirdly and most importantly, I don’t see any flakes in my scalp anymore. I am on my third day after washing my hair and usually by this time, I have dandruff back even if I used an anti-dandruff shampoo.

I used my regular post-wash hair care routine with the shampoo. In other words, I only changed the shampoo; the rest was the same including conditioners, oils and elixirs. (Please excuse the bad lighting. My apparatus was not coping with me today!).


I will let you know if things changed with continuous use.

This shampoo is available in pretty much any supermarket in NZ. I bought mine from New World.

If you have any other product recommendations for oily hair, please let me know in the comment section below. Most importantly please mentioned where you bought them from too :).

See you in my next!