Nail polish 101: which base coat & top coat?

Hello! So before posting about my nail polish hoard, I thought I'd cover the basics: the basecoat and topcoat. I'm a bit old school so I haven't shifted over to UV gel or dip gel or any of the multitude array of more permanent solutions. It was a frustrating (and expensive) process but I found … Continue reading Nail polish 101: which base coat & top coat?

Hello, I’m Picon!

Hello, consider this my obligatory introductory post! Sithru kindly invited me to do the occasional guest post - so I guess you can expect to see some random thoughts on my 'makeup hoard'. Things to know about me: I hoard pretty nail polish, fragrances, and eyeshadow You might find I throw in some skincare stuff … Continue reading Hello, I’m Picon!